Abia State; a sinking ship

It seems everything is falling apart in God’s own State. A State once known for its numerous economic and social activities has suddenly become a quiet, and somewhat dull place

Our reporter paid a visit to the capital city Umuahia and got a very discouraging reception. The citizens who are mostly civil servants were full of complaints. A teacher who begged to stay anonymous claimed that for almost eleven months she is yet to receive her salary

Some of us had to borrow to eat. The debts are accumulating. What are we supposed to do? Eat sand?

Mrs Joan, a tomato seller whose husband is a civil servant said her husband has not been paid for the past four months.

The children are at home. There is no money for school fees. Thank God for this my small business. This is how we feed now

Traders on their own part complain that market has been slow for sometime. They understand that most of their customers are civil servants who are yet to receive their salaries. This hardship has created an unfriendly atmosphere in Umuahia and the State in general. With two years left before the next election, the ruling party lives in fear of an uncertain future as their popularity has hit its lowest low. The people are looking forward to better days and good governance from the others parties. As it is PDP has failed to keep its promise

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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