Samsung Galaxy Note 8 available from 24 August

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available to buy from 24 August, the day after it’s announced, a Reddit user has revealed.

Note8throwaway, who is apparently a Best Buy employee, said on the social networking and content sharing platform that he has received the information from Verizon and Samsung, although it isn’t clear whether these release dates will only apply to the US.

“Note 8 will be launching 24 August 24th, a next day launch after the press conference.
Source: Best Buy Mobile Employee, confirmed through both Verizon and Samsung channels,” the post wrote (sic).

A moderator confirmed the source was indeed a Best Buy employee, although Samsung and Verizon haven’t yet confirmed nor denied whether the information is true.

“Verified that source is a Best Buy employee. As with all rumors, take with a grain of salt and make your own judgements,” the mod response said.

Although we’ve heard numerous rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s release date, this would seemingly be the most solid source, although it would clash with other claims that have said it won’t come out until September.

For example, Korean news source said the release date is most likely to be 15 September, which would fit with the usual two-to-three week pause between announcement and availability.

01/08/2017: New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 renders released by an accessories manufacturer have shown the Galaxy Note 8 to look more rectangular, with and edge-to-edge display.

Ghostek apparently created the renders based upon product information provided by Samsung for accessory manufacturers and other partners that would need access to its dimensions and design.

Despite the corners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 being less rounded than previous Samsung devices, the design does bear a strong resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which Ghostek released renders of ahead of their launch.

According to the renders, the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 6.4in infinity edge display, with a Bixby button for triggering the company’s voice recognition features on the left edge, just below the volume keys.

Along the top, just above the display, there’s reportedly an iris scanner and the front-facing camera, while the main camera takes pride of place on the back of the device, alongside two imaging sensors. There’s also an LED flash on the rear plate and a heartrate monitor sitting in the same raised panel.

Renders of the bottom edge show a microphone, USB Type-C port, 3.5mm audio jack, and a slot for the S Pen stylus.

31/07/2017: Samsung has accidentally leaked the preorder date of the Samsung Note 8, saying it’ll become available for punters from 25 August, according to internal documentation.

Although the Samsung Unpacked event announcing the device is due to happen on August 23rd, the company said a promotion it has running, offering customers a “screen assure service” will commence on August 25th, two days after its scheduled unveil.

The documentation was uncovered by Russian site on Samsung’s Australian website and then reported on by BGR. It reads: “The promotion commences at 12:01am (AEST) on Friday, 25 August 2017, and closes at 11:59pm (AEDT) on Tuesday, 31st October 2017.

It goes on to confirm August 25th will be the date to at least pre-order the Samsung Note 8 in the Definitions section of the notice, which says it will also commence on that date, ending on November 14th 2017.

Although this doesn’t confirm that the Note 8 will launch on the UK on August 25th, it’s likely it’ll be the same day (albeit a few hours later due to the time difference) as Australia and the UK are usually two of the first countries to get all Samsung’s newest goodies.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung quickly realised its error and pulled the notice from its live site, although BGR says a cached version of the terms and conditions is still available.

21/07/2017: Samsung’s 2017 Unpacked event is due to arrive on 23 August, and all signs are suggesting that we will get our first look at the Galaxy Note 8 phablet.

Not only does the release schedule line up with previous Galaxy Notes, but now Samsung has released a teaser graphic that appears to show a Note 8 and its companion S-Pen, sporting the same edge to edge Infinity Display found on the S8.

The unveiling of the device will mark a significant moment for Samsung as it attempts to regain the trust of customers and resign the black mark that was the Note 7 to history.

Although previous rumours suggested the Note 8 would be only marginally larger than the Galaxy S8, the “do bigger things” slogan points to a display that could be larger than expected. Yet, at 6.2in, the S8 is a fairly large device and so it is unclear how much bigger the Note 8 is likely to be. What we know for sure is that it will feature that same superb thin bezel screen.

Samsung’s Unpacked event is being held in New York on 23 August, although the entire thing will be streamed live through the Samsung website.

14/07/2017: Samsung has sown confusion among fans, by sending out a tweet that may have accidentally revealed the Galaxy Note 8 before its official launch.

The tweet, which hadn’t been deleted at time of writing, was sent out by the official account of the company’s Exynos processor business. The tweet was promoting Samsung’s Exynos 8895 CPU, the same chip that powers the Galaxy S8.

However, the phone which was pictured in the tweet does not appear to be the company’s latest model. The device in the photo seems to have less rounded corners that the S8, with even narrower bezels.


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