Are you addicted??

One becomes addicted to a thing when it appears its life depends on it. You become too attached to it that saying no and standing your ground becomes an uphill task. 
A man who snorts hard drug every morning before leaving home considers the habbit a lifestyle. He will definitely think its the ultimate since he cannot control his urge for more of it. 

A sex maniac will struggle to believe she needs counseling. Whatever suggestions people make will only appear toxic to her. So she rather keep as many sex partners as she can and live than going through the torture of rehabilitation. 

A handset addict thinks he was born with a phone in his hand. He is usually seen driving while texting, eating and texting, in the bathroom with a phone

One can be addicted to video games and social networks with no precise time to use them. They are regular in minutes and seconds. Any day they don’t use it they either fall sick or act weird.

Accepting that such a problem exist is a very important step towards solving addiction. You must understand that you are sick and needs every help you can get, then solving will be easier

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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