HIV AIDS spreads faster in Marriage

In marriage there is no such thing as safe sex. Sex happens for procreation and for fun and without protection. There is no argument on that. When a spouse becomes unfaithful and chose to sleep out, the other one is in complete danger.  And since it’s expected that the atmosphere at home should be one of trust and peace, there is usually no room for suspicion or fear of the unknown. But that is ignorance.

AIDS knows no status, no association, doesn’t respect covenants, doesn’t understand trust. Its a product of infidelity, a product of unprotected sex. Sex without condom is unprotected. There is no saying who tested positive or who is about to pick it as a result of sex especially. Although there are other ways to contact the disease, but they are not as significant as sexual intercourse

Its important to know the whereabouts of your spouse. It doesn’t mean one is over possessive or has problem with trust. It means looking out for oneself. Prevention will always be better than cure. A partner that cheats is an enemy.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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