Missing journalist found headless

The Danish police say the torso they found in Copenhagen appears to have been deliberately dismembered. Meanwhile it was found by a passing cyclist Monday afternoon on the southwest side of Amager island.

Image result for journalist Kim Wall


Police say that that the head, legs and arms appear to have been deliberately cut off. DNA tests will need to be carried out before the person’s identity can be confirmed. Police is to announce the results Wednesday after comparing DNA from the torso with Wall’s, following an ongoing autopsy
The victim, Swedish journalist Kim Wall, a freelance journalist, and Columbia graduate student. Originally from Sweden, Kim has a background in international affairs and political analysis, with particular focus on South / East Asian news, politics and culture. She has previously worked in Hong Kong, China, India, Australia and Sri Lanka. Her work has appeared in  New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, Slate, ChinaFile, VICE, South China Morning Post, The Diplomatand. The Independent, among others.has been missing since August 11 after boarding a privately built submarine along with its inventor, Peter Madsen, for a story she was working on.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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