The last straw 

The second child took the whip and did the same thing like the first. He flogged life out of the prisoner. Asoka’s custom expects every male child born into the ruling family to be as hard as rock as weakness is punishable by death. Even a Prince can be beheaded. The dead man was removed and replaced immediately with another weak fellow who faced similar fate. This continued until all the enemies of the king were killed. Especially those he suspected were planning to dethrone him

A whole month passed, ushering in a new season and a new republic. Story has it that he died and his power with him. His death was considered supernatural. Even the royal doctors could not find the cause. The commons seeing the turbulence ravaging the palace mobilized and invaded it killing every living thing in it including the King’s heirs. His daughters were raped at the square amidst wild cheers. His sons saw a much terrible fate than those his prisoners faced. One by one they were cooked alive in drums of boiling oil.

Monarchy came to an end at last. The horrors and chaos that marked it were quickly forgotten. Asoka became a free country; one now governed by a council of representatives elected by the people. The people decide now what is said and who says it. The leaders in turn give account of their actions.

This was the new dawn. A well welcomed reality. But it was not to be without challenges. Greed found its way back again into Asoka as it did at first. Man became power hungry and killed his neighbor for vote and political support. Secret cults grew at a tremendous rate producing the stakeholders of political parties. It became a norm to swear before demons for power, public offices and appointments. Things got so bad that many wished the past could become the present. They imagined themselves better off under the old Kingdom than what they see themselves in now. Democracy has failed in all direction.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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