Country Men

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Mr Zuwe called off the meeting at once, and then dismissed everyone except  the cleaners, and the Secretary of course. The room looked like a war just happened there; nothing remained as it was before the people came

“My dear, if we cannot manage this small crowd, how can we manage a country?”asked  Zuwe.

He looked at his watch and shook his head. He had hoped to lead a protest from Kondo to the Capital against the politicians, and had thought it would be so easy to convince the rest to buy his idea. But as usual there were oppositions within as things do not work that way anymore. The other day was it not Victor that was beaten black and blue by the police. Time has really changed

That night he perused the letter from Area 1, the police division of Wando province. The warning was boldly written:

“You will be warned only once” it read.

“Desist from whatever mission you plan embarking on. Anybody caught will be dealt with. And if you survive it you will be locked up without bail….”

Two long pages. Reading it was an uphill task for the boss. He afterwards confessed that it felt like reading a declaration of war. The ruling party were turning the country gradually into a mine field. Democracy had no say in such a time. Zuwe packed his wares hurriedly and asked the rest of us to join him in the car.

In the car we talked about everything we had done and failed to do. We talked about the brothers we have lost. Men like Samuel, and victor, who were shot by the federal troop at the Brandi border while fleeing the Maku crisis. More than a million died as the world did nothing but watch. I was there.

….to be continued


Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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