I have patronized Facebook’s social network for roughly ten years now. I have really been on that platform for that long. I know each second a user is online the network earns. Through Facebook I have made new friends and reconnected with some old friends. I give them credit for that.

But then the time spent on it so far was not completely sweet and awesome all the way. Facebook has its shortcomings. The users privacy is not really respected though there is a promise from the start that privacy is key. If the admin knows the content of my inbox messages, how on earth is my account private?? If my status can be deleted without my consent, how is that private? If every advert link I post on my wall is considered a SPAM how is that private? If I cannot share my business ads on my wall without paying Facebook for promotion, how is that private?

Lately I have had to stay away from my page after been harassed a good number of times. Today am not sure who I should fear the most; Facebook or the new American Nazi? I once thought I would feel safer in North Korea than on the blue network. Do not blame me. Am just a user

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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