Evans goes to court today!!!!

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The notorious kidnapper is to finally have his days in court from this morning as Investigation into Crimes he Committed has been Concluded.

Evan’s first case is the Kidnap of Mr Donatus Dunu in Elupeju Lagos whom he Collected 150 Million Naira Ransom from. The case will be coming up in Ikeja Highcourt Court 18 before Justice Oshodi tomorrow Wednesday 30/8/17.

Evans and 15 of his Gangmembers have so far been arrested and are facing 14 Substantive Cases (10 in Lagos and 4 in Edo State) carrying 52 Charges of Multiple Murders, Armed Robberies, Kidnappings, Unlawful possession of Firearms, Unlawful possession of Ammunitions etc etc. Cases were filed by The Force Legal Department and Lagos State Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) before the Lagos State Highcourt, Federal High Court and Edo State High court Benin.

Tomorrow’s Case is one of the 14 Cases. Evans and 5 of his Gangmembers who Participated in Mr Donatus Dunu’s Kidnapping will be arraigned.

The remaining 13 cases Relating to 13 more Victims And other Gang members of Evans not yet arraigned will come up on Subsequent dates that the respective High courts and Federal High Courts will Schedule In Lagos and Edo States.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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