Enemy of Earth

In the beginning, Nature designed a long and sustainable network of chains of every thing on Planet Earth both living and none living. The established protocol employs everything on the network to depend on one another. So while C counts on B, B looks up to A which in turn depends on the remains of the rest. This arrangement is also known as “Food Chain”. The original design enforces a symbiotic relationship among the living things and their non-living environment. This is to keep the system functioning so that balance can be sustained,


As time went by Man became aware of his strength and his place atop the pyramid. His brain was completely advanced way above the rest. He could study every other living thing one by one and is able to subject them to a level of control. He noticed his non-living environment; a world filled with Gold dust, Diamonds, and so many other precious stones. So he left his cave and took a walk through the massive forest around him from which he picked raw materials for his shelter, and factories. But he didn’t stop there. It was no longer about survival. He became ambitious; he wanted it all. Its true nature permits inter-tribal conflicts among living things, but there is a limit. Man defied this restriction and has over centuries evolved to be a large scale destroyer. A whole region of forestland which is home to thousands of other living things can be destroyed in ten minutes. Thanks to Man’s biggest creation: Atomic Bomb. Now he can drill holes 3000 ft deep and more and level any hill in his way. While he is at it, Nature works tirelessly to contain his excesses. But even the earth has a carrying capacity. To reset the system, man has to be punished. So there is now a new order; destroy and bear the consequence

So for every exclusive zone disturbed, there will be counter effects such as floods, droughts, landslide, etc

For those of us whose love for nature is irrefutable its with pleasure that we chose to talk about making things right. For in the long dark tunnel we still see a glimpse of light; the possibility of reestablishing the harmony the Earth once enjoyed.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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