Country Men: The Border

To observe the situation for a reprisal attack, we took refuge in Jembe

The thing with the country is the foundation on which it was built. The crisis would have been avoided if there was no ethnic diversity in the population. At least I would have no reason to hate the other man since we are the same.
None of us lost to the seiege as much as Zuwe did. His family were on the night he was picked by the secret service shot dead. But that did not deter him from pushing ahead for justice all these years.

“Death must be expected” he once said to me.

“You must keep pushing if you have life. Where there is life there is hope”

At the border we were stopped by immigration officers. We were thoroughly searched and were later released. It was while we were with the officers that Jumbo showed up from nowhere. He looked dry and hungry like a desert vagabond. He had joined the crowd that ran to Jembe when the war began and had been hiding in the bush along the border since then.

Driving into Jembe we found a small hotel and lodged there for the night. There we visited the plan again for a possible return to the front

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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