“Nnamdi don’t turn your land to another Borno”- Umar

A letter from the North

Being a Native of Borno State the Origin and Epicenter of Boko Haram in Nigeria, Who is in full Knowledge of Origin and Growth of Boko Haram, I Stand Bold to Say, What Nmamdi Kanu is doing today is Exactly How Abubakar Shekau the Boko Haram Leader Started in Borno State. He Convinced thousands of Youth and jobless people in the Northeast with Hate Speeches and Extremist twisted Preachings that he is fighting to break up from Nigeria and creat a Sharia Country that will be build on Justice and fairness to all, That there will be prosperity and good life for all in the New country as all the leaders in his new Country will not steal Public fund and GOD will bless the new Country as they will be following Shariah Law 100percent. On the bases on these  thousands of Youth followed him and bought Guns and other Weapons to fight and break away from Nigeria. At the end of the day he was Killed, Thousands of his followers killed and Tens of Thousands of Innocent Nigerians, women and children inclusive were killed. Majority of Borno, yobe, Adamawa States were destroyed, Properties and Businesses Worth billions of Naira destroyed, 80 percent of Businesses and Farming activities were affected/Grounded, Hundreds of thousands of People were displaced and now living in Refugee camps, The Economy of the whole North East was Grounded and Developments of over 20yrs were Reversed. Nmamdi Kanu is Emerging as Exact Replica of late Mohammed Yusuf of the North East, He is Poised to bring Death and destruction to his Region and people and bring the most Economically/Technologically Advanced and Wealthiest People in Nigeria to their Knees. It’s my prayer that the Igbo race will not fall to Such Devil, That the South East will not face what the North East Passed through or what they went through during the Civil War. It’s A Reality that Some Persons will be born to bring Peace,  Progress, Prosperity and development to their people and their Country and others like Mohammed Yusuf and Nmamdi Kanu are born to bring dead and Destruction to their people, Region and Nation. May GOD bless this Country Nigeria and it’s People. May all these Devils not Succeed in their Evil Plans against the People of this Country, Ameen. 

 Abatcha Umar from Maiduguri.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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