How about operation rescue Abia from thugs and con men?

No other State needs serious attention than Abia. A rebirth would be appropriate

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One wonders why Nnamdi Kanu did not start from home to campaign for the emancipation of the Igbos. By unseating the political structure of Abia State government, it would have been easier to capture other eastern states without further protest.
Abia looks like it was created five years ago. Life is quiet tough for the citizens. Salaries are hardly paid as at when due. You dare not criticize the government. The consequence is usually harassment or worse.
The problem with the east is her leaders. Things weren’t this bad during the time of Okpara and Mbakwe. At least they worked. We can gradually cut the chain that ties us to Nigeria by becoming economically independent. Then we can trade with other regions. There must be something to give out to others States in return for what they have that we need.
Abia for example is blessed with mineral resources such as:
  1. Crude oil found at Oilfields at Imo River ,Obuzo, OwazaNgboko, Nkali, Odogkwa, Obeakpu and Isimiri ,
  2. Tar Sands/ Oilshales found at Ugwueme-Lokpanta axis in Nneochi LGA,
  3. Lead,Zinc, Copper,Phospate (traces) at Amaeke in Umuahia and Ewe in Arochukwu LGA, Gypsum at Lokpaukwu (Nneochi),
  4. Limestone at Ewe- Arochukwu LGA southwestern part of Isuikwuato LGA,
  5. Iron Ore at Around the Northern part of Isuikwuato LGA,
  6. Kaolin at Umuahia, Ikwuano LGA and northwestern sector of Isuikwuato LGA,
  7. Industrial sands at Ukwa, Aba , Umuahia, Laterite at All LGAs and some others yet to be discovered.
How come no mining company has been invited to explore these spots?
But because the States has been so unfortunate in terms of leadership, these resources are lying untapped. What Abia and the region as a whole needs is a special rescue operation coupled with a total restructuring of the country.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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