Cheating wife exposed by husband

The husband who is now heartbroken shared his tale with a relationship expert. See below his testimony.

His Story

Good Evening Adejoro. my hand is shaking as am typing this. Wasn’t sure of sending this before but am sure now. It’s by the Grace of God that I didn’t beat her.

I just want her out of the house will all her belongings. My daughter is with my mom so it’s okay. She will remain there. My current trauma as seen fit by God. My wife of 6 years has been acting strange for months end now.

She Denys me sex, I beg and beg her for sex, she gives me cold feet, she doesn’t cook, she doesn’t appreciate anything. I believe maybe because she put to bed last year January that’s why. She doesn’t want more baby’s now.

I receive the shock of my life when on arriavl home today. My wife is protective of her mobile devise. I watch her closely because am already suspecting her of cheating. Before the phone locks I grab it.

My wife follow me and gave me the fight of my life. I never knew she has such stamina and energy.

She fought me with her nail and teeth. I have scratch all over my neck. I ran into toilet and lockup. She started shouting that how will I invade her personal space.

On reading her whatsapp, I found this mail featuring this guy telling my wife not to sleep with me. That he will beat her up. This is the greatest shock of my life. I screenshot it and mail the images of the chat to my phone, office email.

On coming out of the toilet. She was crying by the step and begging. She loves me. She will die. It was because I pushed her away. Am making her feel less than a woman. now I remove myself from our residence to avoid my temper landing me in this issue. I sent the chats for your audience and so Nigerian can know the truth about her. God save me. My mother warn me not to wed her.

Am doing okay. I will do the needful and send her to her parents. Am done with this relationship. Am not even considered about who the man is. One

mind ask me to call the number. But, my wife is aware and an adult. I will write you of any development. Am in pain. Hope you share. Great work bro.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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