A Poem for Charity

Green Touch NGO is a charity group with a clear passion for touching lives

Having visited some rural areas in Nigeria where love was generously shared, Greentouch NGO hopes to extend​ her campaign of love to other communities where help is needed. 

Here is a Poem for the day by Risha Ahmed

Perhaps one of the sweetest words For the poor and those who can afford too,

Charity should be given by everyone That is, including you 

You might be thinking they earn lots But actually, the get very little as pay So rummage through all your clothes, Your books and even toys. To see what all you can give.

It won’t be long before every poor person. Has a life that is settled 

So contribute now towards charity I’m sure you have something to give Help in making this world. A better place to live.

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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