Country Men

While the evening approached, the white clouds gracefully left the scene. For Zuwe and I, the road to peace was still far

I once shared this story at a conference; the testimony of a war veteran. Listen I was once a soldier of the federal troop. I joined as a teen immediately after my father died. My father was a passionate nationalist. He would take offence at any person speaking against the republic. Sadly he was murdered by the same country he defended. But that is life. Is it not?
See, we once razed down a whole community. As soldiers we followed order from the top. We only discovered after the deed had been done that the area is an oil producing community. And because they deemed it necessary to defend their property the government gave  this order to wipe them out. Ignorantly we the soldiers committed murder. Do you know how many innocent people this country has destroyed? It is the reason its suffering knows no end. The blood of the slain cries out. 

Sam, you know it’s never my wish to revolt against this country of ours. No, it’s not. But how long can we endure the pain and all that? This darkness has hovered above for too long. 

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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