The Campaign

Sleep was meaningless that night. The Boss had a lot to say and he said all. That very night the group now in hundreds moved back in into the country for another deadly campaign

“I would stare all night with hope that somewhere through the stary sky that an answer would come. My world was falling apart. Everything I worked so hard for were quickly fading away. See where we are now. There is no fair trace of the past. We can only pretend we care when truly we don’t. We are only concerned about the next election day while the poor suffer. It’s always a question of what’s in it for us as a party or a tribe. It is an ugly reality forced down the people’s throats. Since the revolt no international body has cared to react. You see we are on our own. We cannot continue this way. We will only end up wasting time at the end if we do. So wake the rest quickly. Waste no time at all. We must move back in straight to the barrack, then regroup and attack”

Author: Jenny

A freelance Journalist, and an advocate of peace

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